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This unique land plot of 21489 sq.m. surface is a fairly inclined greater property, overlooking to a picturesque beach and cove called "PLAKA". This is very centrally located between the West coastline - where Gavrion Port and Batsi are located - and the East one - where two major areas and towns, HORA and ORMOS KORTHIOU are gathering a lot of inhabitants, services and ammenities for both locals and visitors. The location is absolute quiet and tranquile and the sundown watched from this spot is breath-taking and almost magic. Because of its size but also the fair approach with a road branch leading from the main road of the island to the beach and the vacation homes already built around, it makes it an ideal option for a Development project, both for Vacation Redidences and a medium sized Touristic ammenity (about 3220 sq.m. of different buildings can be constructed with a Building Permit).

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