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Land plots on East side of the island

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Perfect case of two different medium sized land plots - 4300 sq.m. and 5033 sq.m. - , in little distance between  them.  They are located in the rural zone under the traditional village of SYNETI and the rocky coast. The municipal road lead to one of the finest beaches of the island , with a mix of little round pebble stones and sand and some magnificent rock formations at side, perfect for rock-diving. Ideal for any kind of use , like building a luxury Vacation Villa ( a group of Villas already has been built in this general area) or a Development Project of Tourism amenities as a fine Investment, especially if both plots are purchased by the same scheme- buyer.

100000 Eu (for 4300 sq.m. l.p.) - 125000 Eu (for 5033 sq.m. l.p.)

Exclusive "hanging over-the-sea" land plot at a surface of 4500 sq.m., located favorably higher above the beach of "KALAMITSI" , located lower of the village of KOCHYLOY and at a distance of 15 km from HORA (town of Andros). Therefore this makes the proximity to the seaside by a local road makes an ideal "hideaway" place to calm and live in tranquility of simple nature . It also mean that the plot has the most magnificent and panoramic view to the whole of western coastline of Andros island , but also with the beach at walking distance . The plot is ideal for a quiet modern vacation home or a complex of tourism amenities and is approached by a well kept gravel road .  

130000 Eu

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Exceptional land plot (11003 sq.m.) just outside of APOIKIA village, and above the main road leading to the villages and marvelous beaches of the Eastern side of Andros island. Its unique panoramic view to the coastline and the little town of HORA, makes it an ideal similar of an "Eagle's nest", and the potential proposal of building a spacious luxury residence or even a group of homes makes it a great opportunity for an Investment Property.

70000 Eu.

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Farm -land property (11500 sq.m.) in an inland agricultural area of the village of LIVADIA, beside the little river - with ample view over the valley and the surrounding villages. It is full of old-grown trees and in general the area is full of lemon-trees , and it include also a stone-built traditional pigeon-tower that can easily be converted to a modern vacation residence

180000 Eu

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A land plot in the peripheral area of APOIKIA viilage , called "Trikoli" , very near to the springs of water in Pythara . It is well cultivated as a family farm and is approached by the stone-covered paveway - local road of the little settlement

85000 Euro

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Farm use land property (6031 sq.m.) in an inland agricultural area of the valley of LAMYRA- with ample view over the valley and the surrounding villages, and also quite near to the little town of HORA. Except from the step-like formatted planes (to make easier harvesting traditionally) it includes a ruined stone-built farm house surrounded by well-grown old olive trees and other kind of trees and bushes

120000 Eu

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Greater Land-plot (10650 sq.m. / 2,66 acres) on the sloppy planes opposite to the peninsula where the little town of HORA is positioned. It is formed in climax-scheme of the land against the slop, and is also overlooking to the beach of Paraporti and the little river flowing through the little valley just below , near also to the village of LEIVADIA , and including the chapelette of Agios Ioannis (St. John).

240000 Eu.

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Greater Land property (17500 sq.m.  / 4,41 acres) near to STRAPOURGIES village and overlooking to the whole valley between MESSARIA village and the town of HORA, and all the Eastern coastline of Andros island. It is for Sale either in whole or divided in smaller land-plots - 5000 sq.m. (2 X)  and 7500 sq.m. (1 X).

Sale price : 80.000 - 110.000  or 250.000 (whole)

250000 Eu.

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Greater Land property (25490 sq.m. / 6,37 acres) on the sloppy planes of Kato Lamyra, just on the back-view of HORA town , very near to it and the beaches aside it. It also contains a stone-built pigeon-tower and 3 other older stone-built little buildings used as storage and farm-items . It has its own water well with the old iron-made mechanical pump in use. Its surface is schemed in the tradittional/ local way or "staircase levels" to provide wide planes for plantation without any problem.

400000 Eu.

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Greater farm property (28950 sq.m. / 7,24 acres) incl. older stone-built farm house  (97,2 sq.m.) and several warehouses and storage building (14 sq.m.). Part of is is so fully planted with big old trees that is legally announced as Forest-like, but this cause no problem to extend the existing house or renovate it or even build new separate house with legal Building Permit (ask for our Architect Planning and Technical services for further Development opportunities). It is positioned ideally under the center of APOIKIA village, with all local services in closer distance, while being on the lower slopes of the green valley and above the little river, it is close to a "Green Paradise".

140000 Eu

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