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Sale Proposals - Land Properties

Land properties  near to BATSI and GAVRION -Port of ANDROS - and on Western part of island :

Fairly inclined land-plot overlooking KOLYMBOS and PALEOPOLIS Gulf

85000 Eu

Fairly inclined land-plot (1625 sq.m.) , in the greater area of the village , overlooking KOLYMBOS and PALEOPOLIS Gulf. It can issue a Building permit for up to 400 sq.m. building surface in total .

Land-plot in the general area of PALEOPOLIS village, overlooking to its gulf and Ag. Eleousa peninsula

300000 Eu.

Land-plot  (12443 sq.m. ) in the general area of PALEOPOLIS village, overlooking to its gulf and Ag. Eleousa peninsula. Is it on a sloppy plane , just over the main road and also near to APROVATOU village and it is fairly planted with trees and bushes. Due to its  ideal position and panoramic view as well as its size it can either be a Development Plan of separate vacation Villas or be divided in smaller land-plots and be built as separate residential ownerships.

Mountain-high greater land plot with panoramic view at APROVATOU


On the higher planes around the village of Aprovatou and overlooking the whole west side coastline between Batsi and the Gulf of Paleopolis, this unique greater land plot of 13480 sq.m. offer a great case of investment because with an official Building Permit a luxurious villa or a tourism use settlement can be established in it with ample space provision.

Unique view and proximity land plot at APROVATOU

110000 Eu

This unique land plot of 2000 sq.m. surface is favourably located under the main road, included in the zone of Aprovatou village - making it buildable with an official permit for home up to 400 sq.m. It has a magnificent view over the west side coast between Batsi and the Gulf of Paleopolis, while it includes a traditional stone built "pigeon tower" structure (that can easily be transformed to a basic vacation settlement)/

Land plot on rural-agricultural area near to APROVATOU village

65000 Eu.

land plot (3650 sq.m.) on rural area of Kato Aprovatou - near to BATSI village - with ample panoramic view over all the eastern coastline from THIAKI Cape and the surrounding coast. It is positioned just under the main road of the island with a little pave-way leading to it.

Land plot on mountain slop in ANO APROVATOU village

160000 Eu

Land plot on mountain plane in ANO APROVATOU village - 1019,46 sq.m. - near to the famous local tavern of "BALKONI TOU AIGAIOU", proceeded by the local community road and with panoramic view over all the eastern coastline from Paleopolis Gulf to Batsi.

Special small land plot in the village of BATSI


Land plot of 500 sq.m. , inside the zone of Batsi village and just under the main road, fairly inclined to enable a multi-storrey building of every possible use. Due to the importance of Batsi as a tourism destination of the whole island of Andros, already famous and advertised, it means a higher value investment will be realized by this buy.

Inclined land-plot under the peripheral road of BATSI village

85000 Eu.

Inclined land-plot - 509  sq.m - under the peripheral road of BATSI village, with view to its front-line and the little port. It can be fairly built until 400 sq.m. building surface .

Land plot on medium heights with amazing view

115000 Eu

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A land plot of 8735 sq.m. surface, on the higher cliffy planes of MIRMIGKIES, overlooking to Gavrion Port and the beaches next to it. It is already soil formed by mechanical means with the traditional way of "stepped land" structured with amazing stone-built supportive walls. A Building Permit is issued already but it needs to be re-registered or altered according to your own needs.

Inclined land-plot on rural area of VITALI village

65000 Eu

Inclined land-plot (8000 sq.m.) on rural area of VITALI village and overlooking the western coastline it also have a distant view of the beach of Vitali, very favourite and crowded by tourists.

Land-plot on plane overlooking Fellos beach

65000 Eu.

Land-plot (4720 sq.m.) on plane overlooking Fellos beach, only 10 kms from GAVRION Port.

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