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Low-cost Land plots in rural and mountain areas :

Land plot in rural area , near to Chalkolimionas beach and bay

A fairly inclined land plot of 4150 sq.m. surface, on the sloppy planes near to Stavropeda (the central road junction of the drive net of Andros island.). Its unique overview to the Bay of Chalkolimionas and at same time panoramic view of big part of the western coastline of the island , also opposite view of Gyaros island, make it ideal for choosing that to build a separate Vacation Residence at a mediocre  budget in total.

Smaller Land plot near to Gides village

Land plot - 650 sq.m. - on the rural area around the traditional village of GIDES, near to GAVRION - port of ANDROS island. Situated on a sloppy plane overlooking the little valley and the opposite fully planted planes, it has ample view of cliffs and has a fair distance from the little beach of Gides. It has been worked specially to make 3 different leveled planes of soil plus stone-built walls to en-package the soil and a round protecting barrier-wall, also a little gravel road to enter the plot from the local community road.

SALE PRICE : 35000 Eu

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