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Vacation Homes - "Green" Villas on the most central location of ANDROS island ("PANTHEA" - Building Project of ANDRIATTICA LTD.)

New-built (under private Order Contract of new construction) Bioclimatic Vacation Villas , in 3 different sizes (25 , 46 OR 65 M2 usefull inner area including sitting room -1 OR 2 bedrooms - open kitchen - bathroom - sofita for guest-room) in the Protype Enviro-friendly complex 'PANTHEA" (together with 11 other villas)in an organized settlement with a common swimming pool and a Mini Market), located ideally centrally on the island , at "Pantoukia" area over "Chalkolimionas" beach, with a garden - land plot of 700, 800 OR 900 sq.m. (accordingly) fully planted . Under your certain choice we can build a totally separate floor below (as basement) that can be used as extra Play-room or fully furnished can be converted as a Guest House (with same area and little more with the main house above), on the extra charge agreed for Construction and Equipment
Prices of Sale start from 75000 Eu (for the studio), 140.000 Eu (for 1-bdr Home) - 180.000 Eu. (for the 2-bdr Villa) (paid in time-shared installments of 30.000 Eu. , like after every 3 months, adding the recent Interest issued by the European Central Bank).

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