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Multi Purpose & Use buildings & other properties (commercial, touristic , etc.)

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Centrally positioned Basic Building - Concrete structure for Commercial use at Koumani - Messaria

A reinforced concrete structured building , aside the main island road of ANDROS, in MESSARIA- Koumani location), just 3-4 km near to HORA town (the main of the island and the Trade center of it) . It is established in 3 levels (floors). on a total useful surface of 410 sq.m. (680 sq.m. with the underground level), on a continuous land plot of 4022 sq.m. Initially built for commercial use it can be transformated in any other use, like for instance a complex of separate vacation apartments (either for rental or sale to individuals). Of course any other Development Project can be established in it.

Sale Price : 220000 Eu 

Ideally located complex of Basic Building Concrete structures - for Commercial or Multi-purpose use over BATSI

3 separate-self standing building structures (made of reinforced cement) of 2 storreys plus basements , on the outer and higher to land position overlooking the whole of BATSI village and Marina. It has a Use Permit for professional - commercial use but this can be altered after a proper Architectural Re-Planning and a New Building Permit allowing it to be changed to Vacation Villas or Apartments (Build.-A : 117,6 sq.m. - Build. B' : 106,6 sq.m. - Build. C' : 194 sq.m.), that our Technical - Architectural office can provide you. They are also For Sale individually.

Sale Price (in Total) : 410000 Eu

Unique Multi-purpose Commercial building (finished) panoramically located over the HORA town surrounding cliffy planes

This exceptional 3-storrey building is laid on a steep inclined land plot, favourably located to nearly "Hang Above" and have a 300 deg. overall panoramic view of the town of HORA, its valley and beaches and almost 8 smaller villages surrounding this town on the cliff planes aside it.. It includes 2 major commercial storrey-lounges (192 sq.m and 185 sq.m.) that in the recent past wre used as Local food Tavern, and the Basement (around 98 sq.m.) used as warehouse , storrage and staff apartments. The whole complex is built on a land plot of 4100 sq.m., which has also been formtted in the traditional way of "step levels", giving to it the chance to be totally usefull for Surrounding Free Space design.


Sale Price : 450000 Eu

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